My Story

Willow Wolf was founded in spring 2020 by Charlotte (aka Charlie, or as her friends call her Wolfy) after having one of her best friends approach her to help find unique pieces of furniture for her mothers new home.

I’ve always loved anything that’s been used, there is something so magical knowing it has a past you know nothing about. Imagine all the things it’s seen and places its been. Every line, mark and scuff has a story - I’ve spent hours dreaming up whimsical tales of what castle a light came from or who’s bottom has sat on a chair. I’m also a massive stickler for a challenge and love the competitive side of finding something that no one else has.

Having had the privilege of growing up in array of countries, cultures and places my style could be described as some what eccentric. Up until the age of around five I grew up in very old traditional houses with beautiful antiques, heavy damask fabrics, beams and billiard rooms. Then, I was thrown in to the neon 80’s, and the bohemian rapture of Ibiza. Beautiful tones of white on white, muslins, soft lines of plaster and stone clashing with acid washes of tie dye, graphics & hyper prints all sprinkled with a touch of boho. Anything went and that was the way of the island… The first 12 years of my life were seeped in so much visual contrast that still to this day my style flips from one day to another.  It taught me that there were no rules and that if you love something just go for it, and that’s enough for it to work anywhere. 

On a personal note…

The other side of Willow Wolf is extremely important to me. It’s about making an awareness towards something I’m very passionate about. Sustainability, especially within the sea.

Whilst growing up in Ibiza our main home was living on a boat. There, I saw first hand what we were doing to our planet. I can remember as a child walking these beautiful beaches and lands everyday but there was rubbish everywhere - fish, birds, cats, dogs either dead or harnessing injuries from glass, plastics, metals or oils not to mention the multitude of weekly forest fires that would be caused from the littering of cigarettes or believe it or not, a piece of glass that sunlight had reflected from.

For me the simple truth is we are guests on this planet and it is our duty to preserve it. By helping to reduce landfill, waste and production of new goods we are helping Mother Nature in her task. We are at such a critical point in our earths survival that we must try to do anything we can, and if that means eating at someone else’s old table or recovering my granny’s chair to save a square meter of the glacier in my lifetime, it’s just a no brainer.

Its only rubbish when we have no more uses for it. Reuse not Reproduce 🙏🏽